meet root

your personal assistant for saving time, money, and the environment

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how it works

simple setup

plug any air conditioner into root, then plug root into any outlet

connect root to the internet from your phone

control appliances right from your phone

smart notifications — only when you’re wasting energy

root knows when you leave your WiFi range, reminding you to turn off your air conditioner while also allowing you to change the temperature

6:00 P.M.

automated temperature control

root makes most air conditioners and space heaters smart — it learns your temperature preferences within a day and automatically sets your home’s climate to high comfort when home, high savings when away

check your ac for compatibility here

save the environment by saving your wallet

root can pay for itself in as little as two months - more green for you, more green for Earth

smarter at scale, smarter with age

more roots, more insights

more roots means your root managing platform has a more comprehensive picture of the electricity that your house uses

age is knowledge, knowledge is power

by learning from data collection, root’s machine learning algorithms get better over time

growing costs, growing savings

as energy prices continue to grow, so will your savings from root

can’t wait to get root?
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